Now it's a buzzword. We're here to change that.

So many products promise to deliver results simply by remixing old ingredients. Women deserve to have their hair loss problems solved. We set out on a journey to do just that.

Revela is a team of Harvard scientists that use AI to search for unique and completely new molecules that hit at the root of the hair loss problem.

Sifting through millions of compounds, we've been able to discover completely new ingredients that have been clinically tested to safely and effectively stimulate the actual hair follicle site and regenerate hair growth.

You deserve products that work... and brands that follow through

"“The best ingredients are out there and [other brands] don’t even look.“

In 2020, COVID-19 hit and our founding team was sent home from their labs at Harvard, MIT and Princeton. After working on cancer treatments and solutions to other major health issues, they wanted their next step to be able to help a large number of people address significant problems in their everyday life.

That’s why we started Revela: to raise the bar and redefine an industry that makes lofty claims without any intent of delivering.

Evan Zhao
Co-founder & CEO, Revela