The Growth Pack

Not just another hair serum. We're bringing a groundbreaking discovery to help reveal your hair's fullest potential.

Dr. Daniel Sugai's Review

Dr. Sugai has been a board-certified dermatologist for over 6+ years who has treated hundreds of patients with hair loss. He is also a physician advisor for Revela. He has noticed that many of the treatments for hair loss: topical minoxidil, supplements, laser caps, oral medications require daily use for at least 9 months before you can see results. But with Revela's Hair Revival Serum users notice improvement in their hair within 6-8 weeks.


Real Women, Real Results

*Results include a clinical trial involving 32 women with hair thinning or hair loss, aged 25-65 years old, over 6 weeks


saw improvements in
their hair's appearance


with tight hairstyles
noticed less shedding


increased hair growth
and thickness

Our groundbreaking ingredient: ProCelinyl™

Safe & efficacious

Safety and efficacy are the determining factors that weeded out 90% of the AI-identified pool of ingredients. If there's a shred of doubt, it's out.

Does it work?

We put together a petri dish of hair follicle cells to see if these ingredients can help promote healthier cells. Imagine our excitement when we saw better results even compared to current industry standards!

No really, does it work?

The real test after all of the hard work boils down to— clinical validation. In a 6 week clinical study, 97% of women saw improvements in their hair's appearance.