Hair growth companies are lying to you

While they promise results, they spend a majority of their money on eye-catching marketing and packaging. You deserve better. Discover results with ProCelinyl™.


Why Revela?

Our Proprietary Ingredient 

Harnessing the power of biotechnology, we discovered ProCelinyl™, the ONLY ingredient with the sole purpose of supporting hair growth.

We Prioritize R&D

Many companies brag that they spend 5-10% of their budget on research and development of "new" products. At Revela, over 50% of our budget is put towards discovering new, targeted ingredients.

Results in 6-8 weeks

We clinically tested our formula on hundreds of people. 97% of our users saw thicker, fuller, or stronger hair in just 6 weeks. We're confident you'll see results faster than any other solution.

No Side Effects

Many current hair growth products come with a long list of negative side effects. With Revela, be confident that the only thing you'll be seeing is thicker, fuller-looking hair.

What Customers Are Saying

Real results, real women