Experience what efficacy looks like when found intentionally.

Our technology leverages the best of modern biotechnology and artificial intelligence to uniquely discover ingredients that tackle specific problems. Our approach is systematic. We rigorously test new ingredients for safety and effectiveness before they are ready for you.

Our Discovery: ProCelinyl™

We harnessed the power of biotechnology and discovered ProCelinyl™: The ONLY ingredient with the single purpose of supporting hair growth.

We Prioritize Research

Many companies brag that they spend 5-10% of their budget on research and development of "new" products. At Revela, over 50% of our budget is put towards discovering new, targeted ingredients.

Guaranteed Results in 6-8 weeks

We pride ourselves on providing truly effective, scientifically-proven solutions. Brands should be responsible for claims they make—if you don't see visible results within 60 days, we'll give you your money back, guaranteed.

Evan Zhao Co-founder & CEO, Revela

"The best ingredients are out there and [other brands] don’t even look.“ In 2020, COVID-19 hit and our founding team was sent home from their labs at Harvard, MIT and Princeton. After working on cancer treatments and solutions to other major health issues, they wanted their next step to be able to help a large number of people address significant problems in their everyday life. That’s why Revela was started. To raise the bar and redefine an industry that makes lofty claims without any intent of delivering.

The results from our 6-week clinical trial

Picture of a woman's hair line from the top, before Revela's 6-week clinical trial
6 weeks
Picture of a woman's hair from a profile perspective, before Revela's 6-week clinical trial.
6 weeks
Picture of a woman's hair line from the top, after Revela's 6-week clinical trial.

*Results include a clinical trial involving 32 women with hair thinning or hair loss, aged 25-65 years old, over 6 weeks


saw improvements in their hair's appearance


with tight hairstyles noticed less shedding


increased hair growth and thickness