Many women suffer from hair loss in silence

"The idea of discovering completely new ingredients to actually solve issues really interested me. I knew there was a strong need for products like these and I could help create and shape that."

Evelyn Chen
Co-Founder & CPO, Revela

Thinning hair is normal during menopause, there are solutions

Did you know that when you start losing your hair it means that your follicles have gone dormant? The loss of estrogen during menopause can lead to dormancy. Our lead patent-pending ingredient, ProCelinyl™, directly targets hair follicles, absorbs through the scalp and activates your dermal papillae (roots), reviving thinning hair.

Our Proprietary Ingredient

Our breakthrough ingredient, ProCelinyl™, was discovered with the single purpose of directly targeting your hair follicles

Safe, Effective & Clinically Tested

Safety and efficacy are our top priority. Read our research paper to learn more about the steps we've taken to bring ProCelinyl™ to you.

Results in 6-8 Weeks

If you don't see visible results within 60 days, we'll give you your money back, guaranteed.

*Results include a clinical trial involving 32 women with hair thinning or hair loss, aged 25-65 years old, over 6 weeks


saw improvements in
their hair's appearance


with tight hairstyles
noticed less shedding


increased hair growth
and thickness