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Side Effects

Initial Phase

Time for Results

Directly targets
hair follicles

New ingredient
discovered by AI


No Shedding

6-8 Weeks


Non-targeted, originally for ulcers

Discovered 50+
years ago

Dryness, Headaches & Irritation

Initial Shedding Phase

3-6 Months

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The Hair Growth Pack


Powered by ProCelinyl™, a groundbreaking discovery using Revela's AI engine to directly target dormant follicles, The Hair Revival Serum revitalizes areas experiencing hair loss for thicker, fuller hair in as little as 6 weeks


Results Worth

In a clinical trial,
97% of users saw
improvements in their
hair's appearance
after 6 weeks



    I am a female in my mid-seventies suffering from thinning hair for the past 10 years.. my hair had gotten so thin the entire crown of my head was visible (see picture), and I was miserable. My Dermatologist recommended Minoxidil for women and Finasteride. I reluctantly used the Minoxidil but couldn’t bring myself to take the Finasteride because of the potential side effects. After 2 years of using Minoxidil, I could see some results, but there are also side effects from this chemical (high blood pressure for one) and whenever I stopped using it (like to travel) the new growth was quickly lost and I was back to square one! But the results with Revela) I have seen in one month’s time are excellent I am thrilled with the product and feel like the day is within my reach of when the wind can blow and I won’t have to wear a cap to events unless I want to.

    -Bev G.


    I have suffered from stress related hair loss for close to 30 years, but at 55 y/o the addition of menopause has taken a dramatic toll on my hair density.. Viviscal was no longer effective for me, and minoxidil was out of the question due to my beloved cat (it's toxic for cats).. While I am only 6 weeks into my Revela journey, I saw significant new growth at 4 weeks on my temples, and new hair is now coming in on my crown at only 6 weeks. The lack of fragrance, and the non-greasy, pet-safe formulation are also huge benefits.. I am definitely glad I gave Revela a shot. Based on these amazing early results, I am already planning to give Revela at least a full year to work its magic. If this trend continues, I will be a customer for life.

    -Bethany M.


    Here is my journey: I have fine and thin hair for almost 7 years. I have been losing a lot of hair since high school. I have tried minoxidil, grow gorgeous, and some hair thickening shampoo, none of them gave me promising results or I can’t be consistent using them. After using Revela, I do see my part is thinner than before and a good amount of baby hair is coming out on my head. I apply Revela every night and it is absorbed by morning, leaving my hair volumed up, and I like it a lot.

    -Jing B.


    I probably waited too long to try hair growth products since I have been loosing my hair since 2013. I spoke with my dermatologist and recommended Revela’s hair revival serum. I have been using this product for a few months and I’m starting to see hair growth!!! Currently I’m loosing my hair pretty much all over with more loss on top of my head and temples. My temple hair is visible growing back and it’s about an inch long!!!!!! I would highly recommend this product!! The best part besides seeing results sooner than Minoxidil but you only have to use it once per day vs. twice a day.

    -Sandra S.

Dr. Daniel Sugai's Review

Dr. Sugai has been a board-certified dermatologist for over 6+ years who has treated hundreds of patients with hair loss. He has noticed that many of the treatments for hair loss: topical minoxidil, supplements, laser caps, oral medications require daily use for at least 9 months before you can see results. But with Revela's Hair Revival Serum users notice improvement in their hair within 6-8 weeks.


The Hair Revival Series

Growth Pack


The Growth Pack includes, two bottles of our best selling Hair Revival Serum, which revitalizes areas experiencing hair loss for thicker, fuller hair in as little as 6 weeks. This ultra-lightweight, formula is suitable for all hair & scalp types.  


Hair Revival Regimen


An exclusive bundle, powered by ProCelinyl, that includes, two Hair Revival Serums, the Growth Concentrate and our Rejuvenating Scalp Massager, for optimal results.


Growth Concentrate


Nourishes scalp and strengthens your hair revival journey. Best used as an intensive leave-in treatment for dry scalp or curly hair, or as a pre-wash scalp oil in addition to daily application of the Hair Revival Serum.


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