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Revela used AI to discover ProCelinyl™, the world's first and only molecule to directly target hair follicle health.


The Hair Growth Pack

Powered by ProCelinyl, a groundbreaking discovery using Revela's AI engine to directly target dormant follicles, The Hair Revival Serum revitalizes areas experiencing hair loss for thicker, fuller hair in as little as 6 weeks

- This lightweight formula is suitable for all hair & scalp types.
- Easy application suitable for both day and night use without weighing hair down
- See the start of results in 6-8 weeks
- Clinically tested. Dermatologist recommended.

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We're taking a new approach to hair loss. With a whole new molecule.

Our rigorous, results-first approach brings together the best techniques from modern biotechnology and artificial intelligence to discover effective, never-before-seen molecules to target your specific problems.

We used artificial intelligence to comb through over 7 million molecules, and then tested 12,000 of the top performing ingredients for effectiveness and safety, bringing us to the the best one for you: ProCelinyl.


In a clinical trial, 97% of users saw improvements in their hair's appearance.

Progress worth sharing


    I couldn’t be happier really! I have ordered the concentrate to hopefully get my upper bald spot to respond better and the sides of my widows peak, but I’m doing really well so far on the basic formula. Tons of baby hairs, hopefully they will grow to terminal length. Every time I think the gains have reached a plateau, it surprises me and the whole thing levels up. Amazing product!

    -Joel H., 4 months after

  •  skeptical at first... Great product!

    I had no interest in treatments or ointments to slow or stop my hair loss and I certainly wasn’t going to purchase any. I received my first bottle of Revela as a gift from my daughter, who is a licensed esthetician and user of the product. I applied it diligently and as instructed, and as a skeptic, insisted we take before and after pictures. You can now see the results my entire family has noticed. I’ve now started purchasing the product. The pictures were taken before I started and just 5 weeks later.

    -Neil D., 1 month after

  • Amazing results!

    Here is more proof that it works. It took about 2-2.5 months to see the changes. My barber and wife noticed the improvements, too. Thanks for helping me restore a fuller head of hair!!!

    -Michael C., 2 months after

    Hair Growth Working

    I have been using the growth concentrate for about 4 months. I have seen changes in hair thickness as well as new hair growth. I will continue to use for a full year and then see where I am at I would recommend for anyone to try as the company has a money back guarantee so it makes sense to try. I’m 51 and I am excited for the possible change.

    -Chris W., 4 months after

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Dr. Daniel Sugai's Review

"Something this groundbreaking is huge... What Revela has done is use AI technology to find ingredients that will help stimulate the hair follicle and boost hair follicle health."