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Don't miss out on hair science's newest innovation: ProCelinyl™, the world's first molecule to support hair follicle health.

The Hair Growth Pack


Powered by ProCelinyl™, a groundbreaking discovery using Revela's AI engine to directly target dormant follicles, The Hair Revival Serum revitalizes areas experiencing hair loss for thicker, fuller hair in as little as 6 weeks

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- This lightweight formula is suitable for all hair & scalp types
- Easy application suitable for both day and night use without weighing hair down
- See the start of results in 6-8 weeks
- Clinically tested. Dermatologist recommended.

Hair can be dry or towel-dried before use. Apply 4-6 drops, or as needed, on each area of concern and massage into scalp thoroughly. Do not rinse after application. Style hair normally once finished. Apply daily (AM or PM) for visible results in 6-8 weeks.

It works!

"I’ve been dealing with hair loss over the past several years due to stress and a medication I was taking. It really had me down since I’m only 27 years old and had very thick hair.. I saw progress extremely quickly - truly within weeks. My hair feels so much thicker and I’ve definitely had way less shedding. I’d recommend to anyone experiencing hair loss or looking to increase hair growth."

Kristen | Verified Buyer

Hear From Revela Users

"All my hair is growing in.
So happy!"

"Thickest, most
voluminous my hair
has ever been"

"Amazing! Jumpstarts
baby hair growth"

"Visible hair growth
in 6-8 weeks!"

In a clinical trial, 97% of users saw improvements in their hair's appearance.


We're taking a new approach to hair loss. With a whole new molecule.

Our rigorous, results-first approach brings together the best techniques from modern biotechnology and artificial intelligence to discover effective, never-before-seen molecules to target your specific problems.

We used artificial intelligence to comb through over 7 million molecules, and then tested 12,000 of the top performing ingredients for effectiveness and safety, bringing us to the the best one for you: ProCelinyl.



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Progress worth sharing

  • Skeptical at first... Great product!

    I was so skeptical this could work for me. Glad that I took pictures to show just how amazing results are. But you will feel the difference before you see it. It’s only been a couple of months and I can’t believe how much progress I have seen.

    -Megan J.

  • Game changer!

    This is the thickest, most voluminous my hair has ever been. I had short little pieces above my ears, balding spots, thinning spots.. it's been a complete difference. The results are kind of unbelievable, it speaks for itself. The amount of hair that I have now is crazy, and makes me so much more confident.


  • Much needed results

    I was diagnosed with Dermatomyositis this year and started losing hair like you couldn’t imagine. It affected my self esteem, and my attitude. I was losing sleep and desperately trying to save what was left of my hair. After 4 weeks of using this product, I have hairs coming in and my bald spots are fading. I’m so grateful for what this product has done for me.

    -Ainee M.

  • New hair at 4 weeks!

    I took a chance on Revela even though it's a fairly new product, and I planned on a 6 month trial. While I am only 6 weeks into my Revela journey, I saw significant new growth at 4 weeks on my temples, and new hair is now coming in on my crown at only 6 weeks.

    -Bethany M.

A Fresh Start
For Your Roots

Our proprietary ingredient, ProCelinyl is most effective when applied directly to the scalp. When absorbed, it penetrates down to the hair follicle, and encourages the dermal papilla (hair follicle root) to proliferate. This jumpstart can help revive tired roots and promotes the appearance of fuller, thicker-looking hair by reactivating your hair follicles.