Hair & Brow Recovery Bundle

This Exclusive Bundle is powered by ProCelinyl™, a groundbreaking discovery using Revela's AI engine to directly target dormant follicles. 

The Hair Revival Serum revitalizes areas experiencing hair loss for thicker, fuller hair in as little as 6 weeks. This ultra-lightweight, oil-free formula is suitable for all hair & scalp types.

The Brow Serum targets patchy, sparse, and over-plucked brows for results in as little as 6 weeks. Water-based, fast-absorbing gel formula. Contains a 3-month supply & an easy-to-use doe foot applicator.


In a clinical trial, 97% of users saw improvements in their hair's appearance.


Hair & Brow Recovery Bundle


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Hair Revival Regimen


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Hair Growth Pack


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Results worth sharing

  • never going back to brow makeup products

    I’ve always been insecure about my sparse eyebrows, I feel like I’ve tried every product on the market to fill my brows in, but nothing ever looked natural and it took so much time and effort in the mornings. I even considered micro blading at one point. Within a couple weeks of using the Brow Serum, I noticed a huge difference in my brows. I started using less and less makeup products and now, after a few months, I only need a little brow gel to keep the hairs in place. I never thought I would be able to be able to embrace my natural brows and I’m so happy that I’m able to now.

    -Liz L.

  • Skeptical at first... Great product!

    I was so skeptical this could work for me. Glad that I took pictures to show just how amazing results are. But you will feel the difference before you see it. It’s only been a couple of months and I can’t believe how much progress I have seen.

    -Megan J.

  • Have to see it to believe it

    I had no interest in treatments or ointments to slow or stop my hair loss and I certainly wasn’t going to purchase any. I received my first bottle of Revela as a gift from my daughter, who is a licensed esthetician and user of the product. I applied it diligently and as instructed, and as a skeptic, insisted we take before and after pictures. You can now see the results my entire family has noticed. I’ve now started purchasing the product. The pictures were taken before I started and just 5 weeks later.

    -Neil D

  • new hair at 4 weeks!

    I took a chance on Revela even though it's a fairly new product, and I planned on a 6 month trial. While I am only 6 weeks into my Revela journey, I saw significant new growth at 4 weeks on my temples, and new hair is now coming in on my crown at only 6 weeks.

    -Bethany M.


We're taking a new approach to hair loss. With a whole new molecule.

Companies have remixed the same formulations and promised you new, more impressive hair growth. We've all learned a simple truth: You can’t expect better results from the same old ingredients. 

Our artificial intelligence model used that data to create an image of what molecules that positively affect hair growth should look like. It searched through a database of over 7 million ingredients, looking for effectiveness and safety, until we were left with only one: ProCelinyl.