The Newest Addition to Your Anti-Aging Routine

Fibroquin™ users show a 2x improvement in skin elasticity compared to anti-aging competitor benchmarks, without any of the side effects associated with anti-aging ingredients


"Revela set out to find the skincare equivalent of a needle in a haystack—a molecule that lifts the skin in a few weeks without the irritating side effects of skincare standards—and it turned to AI capabilities to test the impacts of 5 million molecules on fibroblasts, cells responsible for the skin’s connective tissue, to identify it."

-Rachel Brown, Editor in Chief

"It's very rare that a new skincare formula actually excites me, but such was the case with Revela... I've been using this product for the greater part of three months now, and my complexion looks bouncier and healthier than ever."

-Samantha Holender, Beauty Editor 

"Three weeks ago, our Beauty Director mentioned that my skin was glowing. I almost credited the lighting in our office...until I realized I was in the middle of my Revela Fibroquin Essence trial. That was the moment my skincare routine of the moment went from a test to a permanent switch."

-Leya Kaufman, Head of Brand

The Fibroquin Essence

Revela’s Fibroquin Essence is a breakthrough in skin vitality. This lightweight, layer-able formula features Fibroquin™, a groundbreaking discovery that supports your skin's collagen bio-pathway to tone and lift without irritation. Ideal for addressing both existing skin vivacity and proactive prevention, the formula is designed to be easily integrated into your daily skincare routine. 



In a clinical trial, 93% of participants showed significant improvements in skin elasticity by week 8.


We're taking a new approach to aging skin.

Anti-aging is more than just fine lines and wrinkles. At the core of this skin concern is the changes in our skin structure. Which is why Revela set out to look for a solution to improving skin's elasticity.

Revela’s AI-engine screened over 5 million molecules for a solution that supports the skin’s pro-collagen biopathway, minus any unwanted side effects that are commonly associated with anti-aging skincare ingredients. We tested for effectiveness and safety to find the perfect one for you: Fibroquin™