When it comes to developing new products to fight hair loss, industry innovation has been nonexistent for the past 40 years. Companies have remixed the same formulations and promised you new, more impressive hair growth. We've all learned a simple truth: You can’t expect better results from the same old ingredients. 

That's why we started Revela.

Our rigorous, results-first approach brings together the best techniques from modern biotechnology and artificial intelligence to discover effective, never-before-seen molecules to target your specific problems.

A scientist in a lab coat using an instrument to extract liquid from a tiny vial.

We started with a question…

What ingredients promote healthy, lively hair follicles?

A scientist's arm with gloves holding the Revela Hair Revival serum from the top, and another person's arm without gloves holding the bottle from the bottom.

...and let the data decide

We tested 12,000 known ingredients on real human hair follicles and measured how they affected hair growth. Our artificial intelligence model used that data to create an image of what molecules that positively affect hair growth should look like. It searched through a database of over 7 million ingredients, looking for effectiveness and safety, until we were left with only one: ProCelinyl.

The Procelinyl Molecule An image of the Procelinyl molecular structure.

Meet ProCelinyl™️

Meet ProCelinyl: the world’s first and only molecule that directly targets hair follicle health, to help you win the fight against hair loss.


A hair loss solution discovered by data, backed by data

Revela was founded by scientists from Harvard and MIT on the belief that real, scientific results should define not only the products we use, but also the very ingredients within them. Backed by data from clinical trials and thousands of experiments, we have the results to match our bold claims.



Optimized for hair follicle health

Concentrated formula for maximum results

Discover our research

ProCelinyl White Paper

ProCelinyl White Paper

This white paper is a technical reference that outlines the studies undertaken by Revela to evaluate the efficacy and safety of ProCelinyl™.


We investigated 84 products with claims of visibly thicker and fuller hair from 18 different companies... the verdict is clear.
Safety at Revela

Safety at Revela

From start to finish, from cells to tissues, and from the lab to the clinic, our ingredients are rigorously tested to ensure that they are both safe and effective.
Science in beauty and wellness

Science in beauty and wellness

At Revela, it’s our goal to help you spot the differences between what's real and what's snake oil - here are some ways to evaluate scientific data and think like a scientist.