Our Process to Discovery

Reimagine What's Possible

Reimagine What's Possible

Most product formulas consist of different combinations of the same, old ingredients. We begin by challenging the status quo.

Use Cutting-Edge Technology

Use Cutting-Edge Technology

Through advances in modern technologies, we have proprietary artificial intelligence search processes to find these new leading ingredients & compounds.

Test & Benchmark Efficacy

Test & Benchmark Efficacy

Once we find our lead ingredients, we put them through extensive testing to validate efficacy against current products on the market.

We break tradition.

Traditional brands go to a manufacturer to develop a formula for a product. Out of a library of over 3 billion molecules, these companies have access to ~33,000 of them, which are mostly discovered through trial and error.

While they may produce benefits at random, they often come with unavoidable side effects. Most product formulas generally consist of these same ingredients - just formulated and repackaged in different ways.

We redefine discovery.

At Revela, we begin our process by challenging the status quo to see where we can improve. Using artificial intelligence, we lead the discovery of completely new ingredients to bring you products with real, targeted results.

Our technology allows us to scan the library of 3 billion molecules and create a shortlist of ingredients with the highest potential of being the perfect solution—no trial and error involved.

We prioritize quality.

Revela was founded on the belief that better results should not compromise on health or safety. Once validated, each potential ingredient is then vigorously tested to guarantee both efficacy and safety.

Scientifically Proven
  • David Mooney, PhD

    David Mooney, PhD

    Harvard University

    David is a Professor of Bioengineering at Harvard and is a member of the National Academy of Science, National Academy of Engineering, National Academy of Medicine, and National Academy of Inventors. 

  • Daniel Sugai, MD

    Daniel Sugai, MD

    North Pacific Dermatology

    Daniel is a Harvard-trained dermatologist who currently serves at North Pacific Dermatology and shares his extensive knowledge of skincare/haircare through @danielsugaimd on socials.

  • Jenny Liu, MD

    Jenny Liu, MD

    University of Minnesota

    Jenny is a board-certified dermatologist and assistant professor with a focus in skin and hair care. She educates hundreds of thousands of people through @derm.talk on socials.

  • Xiao Tan, MD, PhD

    Xiao Tan, MD, PhD

    Massachusetts General Hospital

    Xiao is an attending physician at Massachusetts General Hospital and an instructor at Harvard Medical School with a PhD from Cambridge University and an MD from Stanford University.