Rejuvenating Scalp Massager

Revela’s Rejuvenating Scalp Massager is a hand-held complement to your daily routine that helps stimulate scalp circulation and support healthy scalp care. When paired with our Hair Revival Serum, this gentle, silicone tool helps evenly distribute the concentrated formula across your scalp, promoting scalp penetration and enhanced blood flow. 

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• High-quality silicone

• Evenly distributes our Hair Revival Serum throughout the scalp for consistent application and maximum value

• Gently stimulates blood flow to the scalp without tugging at your hair

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    Rejuvenating Scalp MassagerRejuvenating Scalp MassagerRejuvenating Scalp Massager

    Stimulates blood flow throughout scalp

    Evenly distributes serum to all areas of scalp

    Proven synergy with our Hair Revival Serum

    Our Serum Does All the Work

    But the brush makes sure it gets where it needs to go.

    "Omgggg it’s like a massage for my head when I use it."

    - Kimberly

    "I really loved the scalp massager, that plays a huge part in getting quick results."

    - Catherine D.

    "The scalp massager works great to spread the product evenly."

    - Neha R.

    Have questions? We've got answers.

    Do I need the scalp massager?

    While use of the Rejuvenating Scalp Massager is not required, we have received a significant amount of feedback from our customers that the scalp massager not only distributes the serum evenly across the scalp, but also provides a great daily reminder to use the serum, which is essential to achieving dramatic results as quickly as possible.

    Additionally, by evenly spreading the serum, you are able to use less serum per application (than without it) stretching the life and value of each bottle of Hair Revival Serum that you use.


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