Let's take a new approach to hair loss. With a whole new molecule.

Our proprietary ProCelinyl™ delivers visible results in just 6 weeks. No shedding required.

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"I think it's one of the best (and most realistic) solutions available for hair regrowth" - Camille Freestone

"The results are so impressive, that the brand has already garnered rave reviews from consumers who are thrilled to finally have a solution to hair loss that truly work"

"Products are created using a scientific process... to ensure that
they are safe and efficacious."

One of "7 beauty brands to know" in 2022. "The last launches of 2021 and the first of 2022 speak to the industry’s continued focus on internal and external wellbeing, as well as skin care and scents that do more than just smell pretty."

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"I started to notice it around 4 weeks, but [in] the last two weeks
i've seen a much bigger difference" - Suchin Pak

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"Here’s how grown-ups grow it out."
One of their suggested growth strategies

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See the results for yourself

*Results include a clinical trial involving 32 women with hair thinning or hair loss, aged 25-65 years old, over 6 weeks


saw improvements in
their hair's appearance


with tight hairstyles
noticed less shedding


increased hair growth
and thickness

Trusted by medical professionals, supported by data

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Backed by rigorous scientific research

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Validated with powerful clinical results

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Recommended by dermatologists

There are no shortcuts to real results

Our founding team of Harvard and MIT scientists developed a proprietary AI system to do just that. We first identified the most important factors that impact hair follicle health. The team then "taught" the AI how to sift through a database of millions of molecules to find ones that fit the bill.

Finding a needle in the haystack

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Safe & efficacious

Safety and efficacy are the determining factors that weeded out 90% of the AI-identified pool of ingredients. If there's a shred of doubt, it's out.

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Does it work?

We put together a petri dish of hair follicle cells to see if these ingredients can help promote healthier cells. Imagine our excitement when we saw better results even compared to current industry standards!

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No really, does it work?

The real test that all of the hardwork boils down to - clinical validation. In a 6 week clinical study, 97% of women saw improvements in their hair's appearance.