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  • World Class Scientists

    Our team is comprised of a wide range of scientists - from dermatologists to data engineers - to bring you products that actually work.

  • Using Cutting-Edge Tech

    Our advanced discovery platform searches millions of potential active ingredients to find a solution. That gives us access to >10,000x more ingredients than traditional brands.

  • To Find Targeted, Effective Ingredients

    You deserve the best of the best. Our products are formulated with results in mind and intention. Ingredients discovered for a purpose - starting with hair growth.

Introducing ProCelinyl™️

Our technology led to the discovery of a new ingredient that is clinically proven to support hair density - safer and significantly more effective than any other alternative.


Created with Leading Medical Experts

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    David Mooney, PhD

    Harvard University

    Bioengineering Professor at Harvard University.

  • No r th Pa c i f ic De r m a t o l o g y , PS

    Daniel Sugai, MD

    North Pacific Dermatology

    Harvard-trained Dermatologist at North Pacific Dermatology.

  • Jenny Liu, MD

    University of Minnesota

    Dermatologist and Professor at the University of Minnesota.

  • Xiao Tan, MD, PhD

    Mass General

    Stanford-trained Attending Physician at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

of women saw thicker, fuller,

or stronger hair

of women with tight hairstyles

noticed decreased shedding

of women increased their

hair growth & thickness

Fast, Reliable Results. Guaranteed.

Our formula is designed to achieve long-lasting results in the shortest time possible.

While everyone is different, you should start to see results within a month of daily use. Guaranteed.


*Results from a clinical trial involving 32 women, aged 25-65 years old, over 6 weeks