Bringing Pharma's AI-Based Molecule Discovery to Beauty and Wellness

A Game-Changer For

Thinning Hair. Aging Skin. Nutrition. Total Wellness.

Innovation has been stagnant in beauty and wellness for decades.

Across hair, skin, and body wellness, genuine innovation and discovery has been avoided in favor of less challenging programs to retest and reformulate legacy ingredients.

Molecular Discovery

Revela is a molecular discovery scalable platform

We leverage our molecular discovery pipeline to drive molecule and biological modality development for the most pressing visible (and invisible) challenges of wellness.

Machine Learning & Bioengineering

Raising the bar for expectations in consumer health & wellness

To achieve our mission, we use the same cutting-edge bioengineering and advanced AI techniques used to develop new medicines and cancer therapeutics and apply them to discover new molecules that directly target the issues impacting millions of people every day.

Product Development

Never settle for good enough. We don't.

It's 2023. We have supercomputers in our pockets and technologies to edit entire genomes, yet consumers are still forced to accept the same ingredients their grandparents had, and continue to experience the same underwhelming results.

The products using our breakthrough molecules demonstrate safe and superior clinical efficacy as compared to what's currently on the market. Rather than rebranding what is already available, we reinvent what just isn't cutting it for consumers.



Molecules Patent Pending


> 1B

Screenable Molecules


> 25K

Molecules Screened / Second


Bridging Molecule Discovery and Beauty & Wellness

We explore the universe of existing and potential molecules with our multi-layered technology platform

Developing Biological Models

Advanced Biological Models

Assay Development

Synthetic Biology

Generating Data

Robotic Phenotypic Screening

Omic Sequencing

Medicinal Chemistry

AI Molecule Screening & Optimization

In silico Molecular Screening

Deep Learning

Computational Biology

Lead Validation & Safety Testing

In vitro Efficacy Validation

Safety & Toxicity Screening

Ex vivo & Clinical Testing

Product Development

Analytical Chemistry



A Cross-Disciplinary Team of Engineers, Biologists, and Computer Scientists

Our team have backgrounds in synthetic biology, cancer therapeutics, chemo-genomics, small-molecule synthesis and discovery. Are you a passionate scientist looking for something different? Chat with us.

Evan Zhao, PhD


Former Schmidt Science Fellow. Synthetic biologist and chemical engineer. Evan received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Caltech and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Princeton where he pioneered the use of optogenetics in metabolic engineering and protein therapeutics. Evan is the lead author of numerous high-impact publications in Nature, Nature Biotechnology, Nature Chemical Biology, Nature Communications, and more.

David Zhang, PhD


Immunologist and bioengineer. David Received his B.S. from McGill University, M.A.Sc from the University of Toronto, and Ph.D from Harvard University, where he developed next-generation cancer therapy technologies. He is an author or inventor on several high profile publications and patents, and has licensed his technologies to clinical-stage biopharma company.

Avinash Boppana


Computer scientist and expert in computational methods for molecule discovery and systems biology. Avi received his B.S.E from Princeton University where he created novel algorithms for genomics-informed therapeutic development. He has published in top journals including Nature Cell Biology, and has previous experience at Harvard Medical School and the NIH.

Evelyn Chen


Serial entrepreneur. Influencer. Evelyn received her M.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Columbia University and brings with her years of experience in the consumer goods industry.

Enzo Benfanti

Product Manager

Bridging the bench and the bottle. Enzo received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University at Buffalo and his M.Eng in Chemical Engineering from Columbia University. He brings with him extensive experience in process chemistry and product development.

Connor Coley, PhD

Scientific Co-Founder

Henri Slezynger (1957) Career Development Assistant Professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Forbes' 30 Under 30. Connor is a renowned expert in computational chemical engineering, where he and his group develop methods at the frontier of computer-aided chemical discovery and synthesis. He was awarded the NSF Career Award and is also a Schmidt AI2050 Early Career Fellow.

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