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How to Tie Hair at Night for Hair Growth

How to Tie Hair at Night for Hair Growth

With a big push for the “clean girl aesthetic” on social media, women everywhere have tailored their nighttime skincare routines to wake up feeling like a glazed donut. However, the same energy is lacking when it comes to haircare and hair growth awareness.

While skin may involve many steps to achieve its prime *glowing* state, here’s one simple way you can maintain your luscious locks and set up a foundation for them to grow thicker, fuller and stronger: tie your hair at night before sleeping.  

Seriously, tying your hair at night can prevent unnecessary pulling and tugging, ultimately allowing hair to grow without getting in the way. How our bodies behave at night, when we’re deep into our dreams, is out of our control. This means that our hair is subject to the constant friction caused by frequent tossing and turning against our pillows. However, this doesn’t mean that all hope is lost! By tying your hair at night, you can minimize said friction. Here are a few ways you can properly tie your hair at night and promote hair growth in a stress-free environment.

Types of hair ties

The first thing you want to make sure, before you tie your hair at night, is to ensure that you are using the right hair tie. More specifically, a hair tie made of the right material. As a general rule of thumb, you may want to keep your distance from rubber or silicone-based hair ties as they're only adding on to the friction and hair tugging that happens while you snooze at night. This can eventually lead to hair thinning and breakage, and therefore hinder hair growth. Hair ties, such as scrunchies made from silk or satin, eliminate friction and breakage… and save you from reliving your childhood trauma of your mom ripping half your scalp off in her attempt to pull the rubber hair band out.  

We suggest referring to the following list of winners and losers when deciding which hair tie is best for you and your night-time hair growth journey:

Winning hair ties 

  • Silk hair ties.

    These are at the top of our list for a reason. They slip on as easily as they slip off. No pulling. No tugging. No breakage.Only healthy hair growth? YES PLEASE!

  • Spiral hair ties.

    A strong contender when choosing to use gentle elastics during your hair growth journey, are spiral or coil hair ties. While these ties provide a hold, as strong as they come, they also don’t cause any dents in your hair and of course, protect your hair from uncomfortable tugging and snagging.

  • Cotton-elastic hair ties.

    As a staple of the 90’s, the cotton scrunchies may have evolved to fit in with the masses three decades later, but they retain their original allure when it comes to hair growth: easily usable without causing hair damage. 

  • Nylon- elastic hair ties.

    They may be your basic hair tie, but they’re mainstream for a reason! Combining a lightweight material such as nylon with a strong hold material like elastic, these hair ties provide a sure-fire way of keeping your hair in place and simultaneously preventing pulls and tugs, and therefore helping hair grow without being held back. 

Losing hair ties 

  • Rubber bands.

    A hard no to these! Although they were produced as hair ties with elasticity in mind, it is this same elastic that eventually harms hair growth. This is because it gets tangled in your hair, making it quite painful to take off as it pulls and breaks a lot of hair strands along with it.

  • Metal clasp hair ties.

    Hair ties secured with metal clasps are damaging because the metal part often tends to cling to hair strands causing breakage if pulled. Not to mention the metal hurting your scalp or hands if pulled and accidentally let go of… ouch.

Night-time Hair Tie Styles

Doesn’t matter if you’re a curly girl or a straight-haired girl, a coily girl or a wavy-haired girl, here are a few simple, yet beneficial, techniques you can follow to tie your hair at night and keep it growing healthier and stronger:

  • Loose braid.

    If you tie your hair in a loose braid at night, you’re making sure your hair stays in place securley while also not having the style be uncomfortable on your scalp or hairline.

  • Pineapple bun.

    Although the pineapple bun is a famous technique in the curly hair community, it can be used by anyone to tie their hair in a manner that is both comfortable and protective! This loose, high-bun technique ensures only the back and side portion of your hair is touching your pillow, protecting the rest of your strands against friction.

  • Silk scarf.

    If hair ties aren’t really your thing, you can instead opt for silk scarves to tie your hair with at night. Not only do they get the job done of protecting your hair, they also look super cute!

  • Silk bonnet.

    Another great option is using a silk bonnet at night. You can either use them as an alternative to hair ties, by gathering your hair in one place and putting the bonnet on, or you can use it in conjunction with a hair tie of your choice. The world is your oyster so do what works best for you!

Additional products: silk or satin pillowcases

Another good investment to consider would be purchasing pillowcases made up of either silk or satin. These materials help hair growth as they prevent friction and ensure your hair is not being tugged on or rubbed against rough surfaces as a result of constant tossing and turning. Pair these pillows up with a combination of any of the above-mentioned suggestions and watch your hair do the talking for you. Additionally, feeling like royalty as you sleep on silk bedding is a bonus, if you ask me! 

Hair health serums 

While taking precautionary measures are highly important to prevent hair damage, it is also extremely important to take steps that actually encourage the hair to grow. Revela’s best selling hair revival series has changed the lives of thousands of women, giving them a second chance at their hair growth journey. Our star-player ProCelinyltargets hair at its follicle, promoting cell production, and therefore promoting hair growth! 


At the end of the day, our hair is like a child that needs nourishment and protection from the “friction” causing realities of life, to grow strong and healthy, and similar to how there is help available around us always, there are options available as well that we can turn to to ensure we are giving our hair the absolute best! 

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