What is Split Dyed Hair?

What is Split Dyed Hair?

Split dyed hair, otherwise known as "half and half hair", is a type of hair color design. Split dyed hair has been most commonly seen in the color scheme of half blonde, half black hair, but the world is your oyster when it comes to the color combinations you can pick. Check out some split dyed hair designs and learn more about the process below!

The Split Dyed Hair Process

Split dyed hair has become one of the trendiest hairstyles of 2022. The hairstyle embodies the idea of instead of having just one color, why not have two? This hair dying trend involves splitting your head of hair between two colors, and has become a unique way of having two colors at the same time. While this idea of having the best of both worlds may seem tempting, there are a few different things you should keep in mind when it comes to dying your hair in different colors.

Preparing For Half and Half Hair

When you are dying your hair in general, you should not only give your hair extra love after the treatment, but before as well. Whether you are using bleach to color your hair or not, hair dye will dry out your hair. If you are new to hair dying or especially if you have virgin hair, we recommend seeing a hair professional to dye your hair. An experienced stylist will understand how to get your hair as close to your desired color as possible without damaging it too extensively. Dying your hair at home can be a cheaper alternative, but it does come with the risk of damage if you are not well-versed in dying your hair and your hair health. 

To properly prepare to dye your hair, consider getting a trim to remove any split ends, work with a recently washed head of hair (but not right before), and avoid using a conditioner right before because the dye will have a harder time absorbing into the body of your hair. You should also consider how you part your hair, having a middle part is the most even and straightforward part for a split dyed hair, but if you have a side part you may want to strategize how this design will look on your head. Also think about if you would like your split dye to be done from side-to-side or top-to-bottom

Color Scheme for Split Dyed Hair

The half blonde, half black color scheme is one of the most popular split dyed hair designs, but you can be as unique as you like! Creativity is all in your hands here. If you are having trouble narrowing down which colors to pick, consider having a neutral side and a more vibrant side. Having a base of black or blonde hair on one of the sides is a safe choice because they can go well with most colors. If you want two colorful shades on both sides of your head, consider pastel shades or complimentary colors. Complimentary colors entails how well colors relate to each other when next to each other. Common complementary color pairs you may see are red & green or purple & yellow. Pastel shades are lighter, muted colors (like mint green and light pink) that look soft and appealing next to each other. 

Maintaining Split Dyed Hair

Maintaining split dyed hair is a little bit trickier than having one color throughout your head. Depending on which colors you pick, you will have to think about using different treatments and shampoos to best maintain the vibrancy of your desired color. For example, in a half blonde, half black split dyed hair scheme, you may need to use purple shampoo (which helps neutralize yellow tones in blonde hair) for the blonde section, and a dark-pigment shampoo for the black side (especially if you have naturally light hair. Depending on what shade of hair you have naturally you may have to come in more often for root touch-ups to ensure the hair color remains at the top of your head. 

In general you should be using products that are catered to color-treated hair once you go through any type of hair dying. Maintaining the vibrancy of your hair is all about how you manage your hair day to day and either going into the salon for or DIY-ing touch-ups at home. 

Joining the Split Dyed Hair Trend

Split dyed hair is a great way to tap into your creativity and express yourself! Using contrasting colors is a way to spice up your everyday look. There are tons of color combinations to choose from so feel free to go as vibrant and contrasting or light and subtle as you prefer. Maintenance and understanding where your hair is at will also make a big difference in rocking your split dyed hair. 

If you are looking to nourish your hair after having damaged or thinning hair from previous hair color treatments, turn to a routine of gentle hair care practices and strengthening products like the Revela Hair Revival Serum in order to help promote a healthy head of thicker, fuller-looking hair.

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