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Black Men's Beard Oil: What You Need to Know

Black Men's Beard Oil: What You Need to Know

One of the most fascinating facts about humans is our diversity. No individual is exactly like the other. Even identical twins have different fingerprints. It is precisely these differences that make us unique and special in our own way. Especially when it comes to hair, there is a ton of variation in human hair types such as straight, wavy, curly, coily, etc. hair.

Because of these differences, the requirements for maintaining healthy hair are unique among various hair types. And it’s not just hair on your head. It’s the same for facial hair. Black men for instance, have wildly different requirements for their facial hair and beards than other men, due to the fact that their facial hair type is different. 

As with all other industries, the men’s wellness industry continuously tries to diversify itself and its products. But we’ve still got a long way to go. Even today, it can be a daunting task to find products, such as beard oils, that will fit your facial hair’s needs. We get it. That is exactly why we’ve compiled information on what beard oil works for black men, as well as how black men can care for their beards. If you want your beard to exude that sleek, full and shiny look, keep reading on! 

What makes black men’s beards unique?

Before we take a deep dive on what beard oil works best for black men and how they should be tended, it is vital to understand what exactly makes black men’s beards so unique. So let’s start off at the root (no pun intended!).

Hair grows out of hair follicles found under the scalp. The shape of the follicle itself determines the shape of the hair shaft. Curved hair follicles are common in individuals with curly hair. Such is the case for black men’s beards. However, because the hair follicles are curved, this can increase the likelihood of ingrown hairs, causing bumps on the face and neck. 

Because of this, black men may struggle to shave and grow a full beard. Additionally, because of the nature of curly/coily hair, black men’s beards and facial hair may be brittle and dry, making hydration and moisture an important part of maintaining their facial hair. 

So what’s the solution? A beard oil? Sometimes - but picking the right one is half the battle. 

How to properly care for black men’s beards 

An important thing for not just black men, but all men, is that beard hair requires the same attention and care as scalp hair. It is helpful to incorporate a beard care routine with a regular hair care routine.

It is extremely beneficial to adopt beard care routines to ensure that beard hair grows out healthy and in abundance. For black men, using gentle shampoos and conditioners is key to prevent beard hair from drying out. Following up with a hydrating beard oil ensures that moisture stays locked in the facial hair to grow healthily. 

A good beard oil should also reduce irritation by softening beard hairs and promoting healthy hair growth. For black men’s beard oils, look for hydrating and light-weight oil bases like argan oil or jojoba oil - these oils act as natural humectants to keep beard hair and the skin underneath both moisturized and protected.

If you brush the hair on your scalp, you should consider brushing the hair on your beard as well. Brushing beard hair does wonders for maintaining cleanliness, body, and shape! Especially for black men with curly/coily hair, brushing the beard also helps distribute the beard oil evenly throughout the remainder of the entire beard. 

Best beard oil for black men

The best oil for black men’s beards is not only the one that provides hydration, but actually targets the hair follicles to stimulate hair growth. Keep a look out for supporting hair growth ingredients, like rosemary oil or peppermint oil to keep beard hair growing fast and strong.

Revela's growth concentrate is an ethanol-free scalp oil that can be used as the perfect day-time as well as night-time beard oil application for black men to keep their beards growing healthy and full!
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