Riddle me not: I Shave Everyday but My Beard Stays the Same

Riddle me not: I Shave Everyday but My Beard Stays the Same

I shave everyday but my beard stays the same, what am I? Although this is a fun riddle, what truly does riddle most men is the fact that despite shaving their facial hair everyday, their beard stays the same, refusing to grow thicker or full. So what’s the deal?

Misconception about shaving your beard 

We hate to break the news to you, but despite shaving everyday your beard will stay the same! This is one of the biggest misconceptions plaguing bearded individuals by feeding off of their desire to grow fuller and healthier beards. If you ask us, it is a great tactic used by shaving companies to sell their products. While shaving everyday won’t change anything for your beard, by staying informed, you can figure out for yourself what will work, and what won’t work.

Diving deeper into the myth

The reason why many individuals with beards believe shaving encourages beard growth can be boiled down to angles. Yes, you heard that right, it’s all in the angles! More specifically, the angle of the hair tip, which grows out blunt after shaving. Since newly growing hair is blunt at the tips, it starts giving off the illusion of a thicker and fuller beard but at the end of the day, that’s all it is- an illusion! Therefore, although you shave everyday, your beard will stay the same. 

How do I grow my beard then?

All hope is not lost! While shaving everyday will make your beard stay the same, there are other ways you can try to help enhance your beard growth. 

Bearded individuals often overlook the hair on their beards and forget that it requires the same nourishment and attention as the hair present on their scalp. They can shave everyday but their beard will stay the same unless they adopt healthy beard care routines. 

Although beard care routines are subjective, depending on what works best, there are some common key products that can be helpful in maintaining beard hair growth, such as: 

  1. Gentle shampoos and conditioner.

    These are helpful as they help maintain a clean and healthy beard without drying out the skin.

  2. Beard Oils.

    Beard oils are important for providing hydration and keeping beard hair as well as the skin underneath moisturized and healthy. However, It is important to note what your hair type is to decide which beard oil would work best for you! 

  3. Grooming products.

    Grooming must-haves include products such as a beard brushes or beard combs, which are important for maintaining a healthy and fresh looking beard.

Incorporating these products in your beard care routine will surely get you to stop questioning if your beard stays the same, no matter what you do!

Is that enough? How can I make sure my beard doesn’t stay the same?

However, to truly understand what propels hair growth, we have to focus on the structure of the hair strand. Hair growth begins within the hair follicle, which is a pocket-like organ found inside the dermal layer of the skin. Although important, no routine or product can truly get your beard hair to grow if you’re not tackling the problem at its roots - in this case, the hair follicle. 

This is where ProCelinyl comes in, which dives deep at the hair follicle level to improve hair follicle health, improving the appearance of thicker, and fuller hair. Lucky for you, ProCelinyl is the key ingredient in our hair revival series, which can be used as the perfect beard care application night or day, making sure your beard does NOT stay the same! 

Oh and before we forget- the answer to the riddle was “I am a barber”!

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Reviewed by: David Zhang, PhD

David is an immunologist and bioengineer with over a decade of medical research experience. He completed his PhD at Harvard University, where he worked on developing life-saving cancer therapies. He received his undergraduate degree in immunology from McGill University and his master's degree from the University of Toronto

Written by: Revela Editorial Team

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