Does Hair Slugging Actually Work?

Does Hair Slugging Actually Work?

Short-form content such as TikToks and Reels have made it possible for us to easily digest cool tips and tricks about anything and everything. While some videos can be very elaborate and unrelatable, like that one celebrity’s 12-step skincare routine, other videos are quite informative and may teach us a lot about helpful techniques that have been around for ages. One such technique is hair slugging. 

What is hair slugging? 

Hair slugging may ring a bell because of skin slugging. Both techniques follow the same method of lathering occlusive products to lock in moisture. An occlusive product typically includes ingredients such as petrolatum, silicones, waxes, oils and butters - these ingredients are very good at forming a protective barrier on top of your skin or scalp.

With hair slugging, a leave-in hair oil of choice (the occlusive) is applied after which the scalp is covered with a wrap, bonnet or even a fuzzy sock, then secured in place with a silk scrunchie. This makes sure that the scalp locks in as much moisture as possible. Wrapping hair overnight, as part of hair slugging, increases heat under the wrap, which then allows the products applied to seep into the scalp and hydrate the hair at a deeper level. 

Does hair slugging really work? 

Despite the recent interest from the TikTok community, hair slugging has actually been around for ages. Particularly in Asian cultures, someone with scalp irritation, dull hair, or experiencing a dry and itchy scalp can benefit from hair slugging. By providing deep hydration and locking in moisture, hair slugging is a simple way to nurture and protect damaged hair strands.

Although applying natural oils to hair is not  a revolutionary idea by any means, having been part of several cultures and customs, what makes hair slugging stand out is the simple step of securing hair strands with a cover such as a sock or shower cap. Not only is it convenient for preventing the oils from getting on your pillows during bedtime, it also ensures moisture isn’t escaping during the leave-in period! This allows for hair sluggers to wake up with healthy, moisturized, and nourished hair and a scalp free from dryness and irritation. 

But why should I go for hair slugging? 

One of the biggest benefits of hair slugging is that it’s a completely natural, and simple way of taking care of your hair. No extensive list of products. No harsh chemicals. No extra thinking. Sign me up! The natural oils involved in hair slugging can also help maintain healthy hair growth, as well as protect the scalp from dryness. 

Okay, where do I start? 

Here are some steps you can follow to begin hair slugging:

  1. Grab a bowl to prepare your hair slugging mixture in.
  2. Choose a hair oil of your choice- popular options are olive, coconut or Argan oil.
  3. Add any additional natural products you want with your oil, such as honey, egg, yogurt etc. 
  4. Mix everything in the bowl
  5. Apply using your hands - a hair dye brush can also be used, however to really work the mixture in and massage into the hair, your hands are your best bet! 
  6. Ensure the mixture has been evenly coated throughout the scalp and hair strands.
  7. Gather your hair in one place- or better, tie it into a loose pony-tail or braid. 
  8. Now cover the strands with a fuzzy sock or place a shower cap over your entire head.
  9. Leave for the desired amount of time before washing it off!

Some people prefer half-an hour before hopping into the shower, while others would rather leave it on for the entire night during sleep.There are no rules to this. It all depends on what works best for your hair, and you! 

Is that enough?

Although hair slugging helps maintain well-nourished and moisturized hair, if you truly want to march head-on in your hair-care journey and achieve faster results in hair growth and hair health, it's important to take hair follicle health into consideration. Luckily for you, we’ve developed ProCelinyl, which dives deep at the level of the hair follicle and helps improve the appearance of hair.  

And the best part? Our Growth Concentrate is a scalp oil, which contains ProCelinyl so not only can you use it for hair slugging but you can also use it to achieve thicker, fuller hair. Have you ever heard of a better win-win situation than this?

Happy hair slugging folks! 

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